This is the agenda and summary for the weekly Zope developer meeting of Tuesday, 2010-08-24 on #zope@irc.freenode.org from 15:00 to 15:30 UTC.


The IRC log is available here:


Hanno Schlichting, Charlie Clark, Christian Theune, Patrick Gerken, Adam Groszer

Last bug day

Although many people answered the Doodle for the bug day in August the actual participation was quite low. It seems that most people had unexpected urgent customer issues to deal with on that specific day.

Only Michael Howitz and Jens Vagelpohl responded to the request for reports on the mailing list.

As September will feature the DZUG conference and the Zope summit the next bug day will be scheduled a little further down the calendar to avoid clashes with travel plans and people needing to catch up with everyday business after travelling.

Buildbot organization

Adam asked for talking about organizing the buildbots more so that people can get a better overview of all the builds.

Patrick already experimented with a script that fetches data from the buildbots and creates an overarching display (screenshot: http://picasaweb.google.de/lh/photo/jUOVCcnJEV2KeYI9R_pUCMdjTw5Dqg3R_WEjti4Vahk?feat=twitter)

A small terminology debate occured where Patrick noted that people tend to use both ‘dev’ and ‘trunk’ in the buildbots. Hanno brought the argument that ‘dev’ is what we suffix development releases with when denoting a version and thus ‘dev’. In comparison to ‘trunk’, ‘dev’ is also agnostic to the VCS and was thus being favored in general.

Christian got the code for the aggregator script that fetches information from mail.zope.org and assembles the daily messages to zope-dev. It has been checked into his sandbox in Subversion. We can now work on an improved version of that script.


  • Last bug day
  • Organizing buildbots

Ongoing issues

Those issues are currently ongoing. We don’t have to discuss them. We just need to follow up on them eventually.

  • Abandoned projects (Tres)
  • Meta
    • Review meeting itself, maybe add extra 15 minutes for “meta” once a month or every two months? (postponed until 2010-06-01)
    • How to organize open issues in the long run (Blueprints? Other tool? Continue text files?)
  • ZTK status
    • Towards a ZTK release
      • Documentation
      • Release scope
  • Test runners / nightly builds
    • Supporting Python 2.7
      • Needs help from the buildbots
    • Windows
      • Compiler licenses (Tres, postponed until after 2010-06-14)
  • Documentation
    • Consolidate “floating” documentation into Sphinx/docs.zope.org
    • Turn ZTK package documentation into sphinx style (like zope.event)
      • write bug and assign to toolkit projects (Theuni)
    • Unified index?
  • Releases
    • How to find a good point when to cut a new release for a package for which fixed bugs where registered (or changes have been made)? Any automation possible to alert us when changes have been sitting around unreleased for a while?

Topic proposals

  • Chris McDonough: Pondering some (re-)structuring of the ZTK to allow for better maintenance/release management/communication/marketing.
  • Christian Theune: I’d like us to ponder how we can (in addition to the housekeeping and cleanups we do) also move to do constructive work together to expand the stuff that Zope packages (ZTK) is about. How do we go about implementing new technologies together, like supporting HTML 5 in the various parts? I’d like to start putting in new code in the foreseeable future in the zope.* namespace.