This is the agenda and summary for the weekly Zope developer meeting of Tuesday, 2010-06-15 on #zope@irc.freenode.org from 15:00 to 15:30 UTC.


The IRC log is available here:


Charlie Clark, Adam Groszer, Christian Theune, Jens Vagelpohl

Test runners / nightly builds

Adam received his MSDN license and was able to retrieve software. He pointed out that the license is valid for a year. After that we need to consider renewal (unless the VS express editions work out).

A survey on zope-dev showed that the other developers who asked for a license didn’t receive theirs, yet.

Adam continues to work on the VM setup at rackspace, preparing the eggbuilder and buildout slaves.

Supporting Python 2.7

Supporting Python 2.7 involves at least the following actions:

  • get buildbot owners to run with Python 2.7 additionally
  • review RestrictedPython

Charlie Clark points out that he has been running installations using Python 2.7 with no practical problems.

Metrics for bug days

2010-06-15 features a bug day and we’d like to get a better grasp on what we get out of the bug days. After some discussion on quantitative metrics the decision turned towards a qualitative assessment: Christian Theune will write another invitation to the zope-dev list asking every developer who participated in the bug day to write a short summary of what he did/achieved during the bug day.

The sum of those summaries should provide a good overview to others of what happened.

Index view for download.zope.org

Jens turned download.zope.org into a standard auto-generated index page which Adam acknowledged as a solution to his (proxied) request.

Agenda (draft)

  • Test runners / nightly builds
    • Windows
      • Compiler licenses (Tres, postponed until after 2010-06-14)
      • Win egg builder (Adam)
      • Documentation about VM setup (Adam)
    • Supporting Python 2.7
      • Needs help from the buildbots
  • Metrics for bug days
    • Find a way to demonstrate what/how much work happened on a bug day.

Ongoing issues

Those issues are currently ongoing. We don’t have to discuss them. We just need to follow up on them eventually.

  • ZTK status
    • Towards a ZTK release
      • Documentation
      • Release scope
  • KGS 3.4.1 release
    • Index view for download.zope.org
  • Bug tracking
    • Monitoring tracker status (Charlie Clark, ctheune)
  • Documentation
    • Consolidate “floating” documentation into Sphinx/docs.zope.org
  • Releases
    • How to find a good point when to cut a new release for a package for which fixed bugs where registered (or changes have been made)? Any automation possible to alert us when changes have been sitting around unreleased for a while?
  • Meta
    • Review meeting itself, maybe add extra 15 minutes for “meta” once a month or every two months? (postponed until 2010-06-01)
    • How to organize open issues in the long run (Blueprints? Other tool? Continue text files?)

Topic proposals

  • Chris McDonough: Pondering some (re-)structuring of the ZTK to allow for better maintenance/release management/communication/marketing.
  • Christian Theune: I’d like us to ponder how we can (in addition to the housekeeping and cleanups we do) also move to do constructive work together to expand the stuff that Zope packages (ZTK) is about. How do we go about implementing new technologies together, like supporting HTML 5 in the various parts? I’d like to start putting in new code in the foreseeable future in the zope.* namespace.