This is the agenda and summary for the weekly Zope developer meeting of Tuesday, 2010-06-08 on #zope@irc.freenode.org from 15:00 to 15:30 UTC.


The IRC log is available here:


Adam Groszer, Charlie Clark, Christian Theune

KGS 3.4.1

The KGS according to Adam only requires a version bump from release candidate to final. Along the way he updated the release process documentation for the KGS which can be found here: http://wiki.zope.org/zope3/MakingARelease.

Adam will poke Jens about getting a better index view for download.zope.org.

Test-runners/nightly builds

The funding for a VM at Rackspace was granted by the ZF for a testing period of two months. Adam reported that MS announced the MSDN licenses to be available around 2010-06-14.

The activation of the VM is on hold as long as Adam is working on the software that automatically creates binary eggs for releases (wineggbuilder). He will also write documentation on how the VM was set up.


Charlie Clark is now officially the second person organizing the weekly meetings. Christian and Charlie will coordinate directly to keep it going.

A quick question for how people feel about the meeting showed general approvement while also pointing out declining participation. One reason seems to be that we’ve been treading maintenance issues in the last weeks (KGS 3.4.1, test runners, bug tracking, …) which may not be a very attractive topic.

Christian expressed he is somewhat uncomfortable opening up more issues in parallel as long as we don’t find a better way of managing them. Christian will ask the Launchpad folks whether they know about a way to using LP for managing our agenda.

Additionally we will switch to preparing the agenda on mondays and making them more of an invitation style so that we have a higher chance of people actually stating their topic wishes.


  • KGS 3.4.1 release
    • Document release procedure (Adam)
    • Index view for download.zope.org
  • Test runners / nightly builds
    • Windows machines
      • Compiler licenses (Tres, postponed until after 2010-06-02)
      • AMI/ (Sidnei, Adam)
      • Amazon funding (Adam, Christian Theune)
  • Meta
    • Review meeting itself, maybe add extra 15 minutes for “meta” once a month or every two months? (postponed until 2010-06-01)
    • How to organize open issues in the long run (Blueprints? Other tool? Continue text files?)
    • Find second person to run the weekly meetings

Ongoing issues

Those issues are currently ongoing. We don’t have to discuss them. We just need to follow up on them eventually.

  • ZTK status
    • Towards a ZTK release
      • Documentation
      • Release scope
  • Bug tracking
    • Monitoring tracker status (Charlie Clark, ctheune)
  • Documentation
    • Consolidate “floating” documentation into Sphinx/docs.zope.org
  • Releases
    • How to find a good point when to cut a new release for a package for which fixed bugs where registered (or changes have been made)? Any automation possible to alert us when changes have been sitting around unreleased for a while?
  • Metrics for bug days
    • Find a way to demonstrate what/how much work happened on a bug day.

Topic proposals

  • Chris McDonough: Pondering some (re-)structuring of the ZTK to allow for better maintenance/release management/communication/marketing.
  • Christian Theune: I’d like us to ponder how we can (in addition to the housekeeping and cleanups we do) also move to do constructive work together to expand the stuff that Zope packages (ZTK) is about. How do we go about implementing new technologies together, like supporting HTML 5 in the various parts? I’d like to start putting in new code in the foreseeable future in the zope.* namespace.