Automated test suite / nightly builds

The ZTK builds on the automated test suites (unit and functional tests) from the individual projects it keeps track of. We use automated build systems, like travis-ci, to run various combinations of differing Python versions, operating systems and packages and ensure everything works as expected.

The automated test suite

The ZTK’s automated test suite builds on the individual packages’ unit and functional tests and creates a combined test runner that runs each packages’ test suite in isolation but ensures that the dependencies are satisfied using the ZTK versions under test.

The combined test runner is created using z3c.recipe.compattest – check the documentation for details.

If you take a ZTK checkout, you can run the tests yourself like this:

$ git clone
$ python
$ bin/buildout
$ bin/test-ztk

If you work on a ZTK package and want to ensure that your changes are compatible with all other ZTK libraries, you can use a checkout of the individual package inside the zopetoolkit checkout:

$ bin/develop co zope.component
$ bin/develop rb
$ bin/test-ztk

The develop commands get a git checkout of the specified package and puts it into the develop/ folder, so you make your changes there.