This is the agenda and summary for the weekly Zope developer meeting of Tuesday, 2010-10-12 on #zope@irc.freenode.org from 15:00 to 15:30 UTC.


The IRC log is available here:


Christian Theune, Charlie Clark, Adam Groszer, Marius Gedminas

Summit goal followup

Charlie noted that the time scales on the summit goals are still missing. Christian reported that he originally wanted to gather detail descriptions with everything that was mentioned during the meeting from every individual on the spot but hadn’t had a chance to do that. Christian signed up to ask the individual owners of the tasks to fill the details into the wiki (http://wiki.zope.org/ztk/ZopeSummit2010Summary).

As some task owners were present at the meeting, we went through their tasks:

Christian signed up for the Zope sprints. He detailed that he’d like to find topics and interested people for a few dedicated Zope sprints in 2011 until the end of the year. He also keeps an eye on the organization of broader sprints a PyCon and EuroPython as the ZF wanted to push those as well.

Marius is signed up to fix the 5 most incomprehensible error messages by the end of the year. His research is ongoing - he’s trying to get people to report those errors to him.

Charlie is signed up to establish/improve a/the developer guide by the end of 2010.

Bug day

Responses to the current bug day doodle are missing. The last bug days had usually quite a few people subscribe in the Doodle but substantially less showed up.

Apart from unpredictability of schedule or keeping up committments that conflict with business Charlie recommended to make it more clear that subscribing for the whole day is not necessary to make a difference. We should be more inviting to people that would be happy to spend maybe 1 or 2 hours.

Also, we should spend more time upfront to select which bugs to work on and discuss them on the mailing list so that it is clear what people will work on and maybe also people work on bugs before/after the bug day.


  • Follow-up on summit goals
  • Review bug day, plan next bug day

Ongoing issues

Those issues are currently ongoing. We don’t have to discuss them. We just need to follow up on them eventually.

  • Meta
    • Review meeting itself, maybe add extra 15 minutes for “meta” once a month or every two months? (postponed until 2010-06-01)
    • How to organize open issues in the long run (Blueprints? Other tool? Continue text files?)
  • Repository policy
  • Test runners / nightly builds
    • Supporting Python 2.7
      • Needs help from the buildbots
    • Windows
      • Compiler licenses (Tres, postponed until after 2010-06-14)
    • Build bot organization
  • Bug day organization
  • Documentation
    • Consolidate “floating” documentation into Sphinx/docs.zope.org
    • Turn ZTK package documentation into sphinx style (like zope.event)
      • write bug and assign to toolkit projects (Theuni)
    • Unified index?
  • Releases
    • How to find a good point when to cut a new release for a package for which fixed bugs where registered (or changes have been made)? Any automation possible to alert us when changes have been sitting around unreleased for a while?

Topic proposals

  • Chris McDonough: Pondering some (re-)structuring of the ZTK to allow for better maintenance/release management/communication/marketing.
  • Christian Theune: I’d like us to ponder how we can (in addition to the housekeeping and cleanups we do) also move to do constructive work together to expand the stuff that Zope packages (ZTK) is about. How do we go about implementing new technologies together, like supporting HTML 5 in the various parts? I’d like to start putting in new code in the foreseeable future in the zope.* namespace.