This is the agenda and summary for the weekly Zope developer meeting of Tuesday, 2010-05-18 on #zope@irc.freenode.org from 15:00 to 15:30 UTC.


  • Windows builds
    • AMI (Sidnei, Adam)
    • Compiler licenses (Tres)
    • Amazon funding (Adam, Christian Theune)
  • Bug tracking
    • Monitoring tracker status (Charlie Clark, ctheune)
  • Preparing for Bugday 2010-05-19

Ongoing issues

Those issues are currently ongoing. We don’t have to discuss them. We just need to follow up on them eventually.

  • KGS 3.4.1 release
    • Document release procedure (Adam)
    • Index view for download.zope.org
  • ZTK status
    • Towards a ZTK release
      • Documentation
      • Release scope
  • Test runners / nightly builds
    • Windows machines
  • Meta
    • How to organize open issues in the long run (Blueprints? Other tool? Continue text files?)
    • Find second person to run the weekly meetings

Topic proposals

  • Lennart: Of course what applies to Hanno should apply to others making releases of packages maintained by the Zope Toolkit project as well. I think the ZTK leadership should figure out some kind of guidelines for this that people can follow.
  • Chris McDonough: Pondering some (re-)structuring of the ZTK to allow for better maintenance/release management/communication/marketing.
  • Christian Theune: I’d like us to ponder how we can (in addition to the housekeeping and cleanups we do) also move to do constructive work together to expand the stuff that Zope packages (ZTK) is about. How do we go about implementing new technologies together, like supporting HTML 5 in the various parts? I’d like to start putting in new code in the foreseeable future in the zope.* namespace.


The IRC log is available here: http://zope3.pov.lt/irclogs-zope/%23zope.2010-05-18.log.html#t2010-05-18T18:07:10

Windows builds

Adam didn’t manage to look at the AMI builds yet, but he’ll try for next week.

The VS licenses haven’t turned up yet either and Christian Theune agreed to bring the issue up at the next foundation’s board’s meeting.

The foundation board agreed in general that the foundation will finance build infrastructure for Windows but needs a volunteer from the community to take responsibility on making a plan what to buy, how to maintain it, etc. Adam agreed to draft a plan and Christian Theune offered to help putting it into shape for presenting it to the board.

Bug tracking

The Zope 3 bug tracker is almost emptied out [By the time of writing the protocol there’s 25 open bugs left in it.]. We’ll continue to migrate/triage the remaining bugs in the coming days/weeks.

The two project groups (zopetoolkit and zopeapp) provide a good overview of bugs in the official packages by now (see https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/zopetoolkit and https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/zopeapp) although the zopeapp list seems suspiciously short.

Christian Theune would like to get into a more steady mode of triaging them to lower the response time for people who report bugs. One part of this is the check-bugs script done by Charlie Clark which will be integrated into the daily test aggregation to report about languishing bugs. Christian Theune will set up the check script on one of his servers that also runs the repository checks.

Another part is to clean up the situation about bug notifications from Launchpad so that individual developers get notified in time. Christian Theune has been working on merging the various teams in Launchpad that exist so that there will be an administrative one (for managing the Launchpad project metadata) and one for developers (to handle bugs and day-to-day tasks). Once this is done individual developers should receive Launchpad notifications for newly reported bugs.

Bug day 2010-05-19

The next bug day is this week on 2010-05-19. We didn’t manage to talk much about this in preparation, although there was some triaging done by people and http://wiki.zope.org/ztk/BugDay20100519 shows a good list of people wanting to work on bugs.