Zope Toolkit 1.0c2

This document covers major changes in this release that can lead to backward-incompatibilities and explains what to look out for when updating.


The Zope Toolkit 1.1 release is the second feature release of the Zope Toolkit. The Zope Toolkit really is just a collection of libraries managed together by the Zope developers. We typically treat each library independently, so you would like to look at the CHANGES.txt in each library for updates. Here we note larger changes, especially ones that affect multiple libraries.


The Zope Toolkit cannot be installed directly except as individual libraries (such as zope.component). To install it you typically would install a framework or application that makes use of these libraries. Examples of such projects are BlueBream, Grok and Zope 2.

If you want to use the Zope Toolkit KGS, you can use the buildout extends mechanism (replace 1.1a1 by the desired version):

extends = http://download.zope.org/zopetoolkit/index/1.1a1/ztk-versions.cfg

You can also copy the file locally or additionally extend the zopeapp-versions.cfg file from the same location.

Frameworks and applications have their own set of install instructions. You should follow these in most cases.