About the Zope Toolkit

The Zope Toolkit consists of a set of libraries, which are commonly used by multiple web frameworks (e.g. Grok).

Only a small subset of libraries from the Zope community are part of the Toolkit. The Toolkit is in principle not limited to libraries from Zope community.

Toolkit libraries

The Toolkit libraries are standalone libraries which have their own releases, bug trackers and in some cases active developer communities around them. The toolkit acts as an umbrella project to deal with aspects which span multiple of these libraries or have impacts on the dependent frameworks.

The set of libraries that is part of the Toolkit can change over time depending on how these libraries evolve and are used. New libraries considered for inclusion can be added to the set, and existing libraries no longer used can be removed from the set.

So the set of Zope Toolkit libraries is not static; what is included continuously evolves. The project maintains a list of which libraries are part of the Toolkit.

Community libraries

Surrounding the Zope Toolkit libraries a large number of other libraries exists. These libraries might integrate with the Zope Toolkit and might make use of the Zope Toolkit.